The class I’d like is full. What now?

Go ahead and sign up on the waitlist. That helps us know that there’s enough interest for another section of the class so we can open one up and get it started!

What happens if a class doesn’t mean the minimum number of students required? 

Students (or their parents!) will be given several options including other available classes or signing up for private or semi-private lessons.

How long is a class session?

Most classes are 50 minutes each and will begin right at the time posted. The five minute gap is to let one set of students have a chance to leave the room as the next get ready, and gives Janelle a chance to touch base with parents if needed.

What happens if I can’t make it to a class? Do I still pay for a whole month?

Tuition fees are based on a monthly payment schedule, not on attendance, so the full amount is due regardless of whether you were able to attend. However, make-up classes are also available to you to schedule!

How do I pay?

You can bring a check into the studio, mail it to 127 E 2nd Street in Ainsworth or pay online through the Online Parent Portal. Cash needs to be in an envelope marked with the student’s name. Bartering is also available – talk to Janelle for details.

What about the weather?

In case of inclement weather, Keller Studios may cancel classes. In fact, you can count on classes being canceled if Ainsworth Community Schools is closed due to weather. If we do cancel, we will make every effort to make sure you know by sending a text, an email and updating the facebook page. Additionally, Janelle will schedule a make-up time for the class at a later date.

I haven’t seen a sign for Keller Studios anywhere in town. Where are you located?

We meet in the basement of the Congregational Church in Ainsworth (3rd and Osborne Streets). Enter the basement using the east door (near the alley), preferably during the 5 minute break between classes. Please enter/wait quietly, as there are only partial barriers between the waiting and studio areas.

Partial barriers? Does that mean I get to watch my student?

Parents will have the opportunity to watch their students during theRequired Info Session weeks, scheduled twice per year. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on your student showing you everything they’ve learned as they practice throughout the week. It tends to be very difficult for dancers to concentrate and focus with extra bodies around–help your child get the most out of each class by minimizing distractions.

I don’t know anything about dance. How can I help my children practice well if I’m not in class?

*Have them review what they learned in class IMMEDIATELY with you as you leave. This can be as simple as talking through class on the drive home! Studies show that concentrated mental visualization of a physical task can be as effective as using the same amount of time to practice.

*Every day for 5 minutes can be super effective and should be the absolute minimum that dancers in multiple classes shoot for.

*Parents may come in to record during the last five minutes of the last class of the month starting in January. Dates are listed!

*Schedule a private session if your child is just not quite getting there – sometimes one-on-one time is very effective.

What needs to be worn?

We don’t have a specific dress code, but students should wear appropriate dance attire. Students should be able to move freely and their body movements should be easily visible to ensure proper technique. Leotards and tights/skirts/leggings are a popular option. Jeans/baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts are not appropriate attire. Please also avoid midriff-baring tops.

Check out the shoe page for specifics on what is required for each class. Additionally, no street shoes will be allowed on the dance floor.

Shoes, dancewear, a great attitude….anything else my student needs for class?

Students should bring a water bottle for their very brief water break during class. Other than that, no drinks, food, candy/gum will be allowed in the studio area. And yes, it needs to be water in the bottle.

My child really wants to dance with classmates from school, but doesn’t have the same level of experience.  How do you handle that?

Now that several of my dancers are getting more years of dance under their belt, we’re slowly transitioning from being grade-level-centered to grouping dancers by ability level. It’s a process that we’re working through. As I see students dance, we’ll talk about whether or not they are in the right section. If not, we’ll move them to another group closer to their level.

Dance seems like it might be pricey. Your thoughts?

Obviously, we think an investment into arts education is extremely valuable, but that doesn’t pay the bills. We understand and want to help where we can! We do a fundraiser in the fall and every dime that you earn goes directly into your account to pay for costumes, classes, etc. We encourage students to swap gently loved shoes they grow out of instead of buying new. In addition, we not-so-secretly love old-school bartering.

I still have questions! Now what?

Easy! Get a hold of an answer by using a facebook message (www.facebook.com/kellerstudiosllc), via email (kellerstudiosllc@gmail.com), or by calling Janelle at 402-989-2076.