2017-2018 Classes



2:10-2:40….Private Lesson Scheduled – no openings

2:45-3:30….Available for Private/Semi-Private Lessons

3:40-4:30…1st Grade Combo Blue

4:35-5:25 PM….Creative Movement 3

5:30-6:00 PM….Tiny Twos

6:05-6:55 PM…2nd/3rd Grade Red

7:00-7:50 PM….Upper Jazz

7:55-8:45 PM…. Pre-Pointe/Pointe/Adult Ballet


4:00-4:30 PM….Private Lesson Scheduled – no openings

4:30-5:20 PM….Kindergarten

5:25-6:15 PM….2nd/3rd Combo Orange

6:20-7:10 PM….2nd/3rd Jazz

7:15-8:45 PM….6th-8th Combo/Jazz (Pink Cadillac/Grey)


4:10-5:00 PM….Creative Movement 4

5:05-5:55 PM….1st Grade Green

6:00-6:50 PM….4th/5th Grade Combo Yellow

6:50-7:15 PM….4th/5th Grade Jazz

7:15-8:05 PM….4th/5th Grade Purple

8:10-9:00 PM….Adult/Upper Tap

*Classes MUST have a minimum of four students in order to occur. Students in classes that do not meet the minimum will have the option of moving to another class or paying for semi-private lessons.

*The schedule is semi-tentative. Any classes that don’t fill will be removed from the schedule, causing other classes to shift as applicable.

*This year we are experimenting with class lengths and combinations. If you have questions, please let me know!

* If you aren’t sure which class your child should be in, feel free to ask! I tried to note a few that might be confusing with last year’s dance numbers.

*If there are major time conflicts preventing multiple students from attending, please let us know.

*Missing a class you want to take? Call 402-989-2076 and let’s make something happen!